Should I exchange S$ 1,000 from 3 months ago
into Gold today?


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Converting US$ 1,000 from 3 months ago into Singapore Dollar


Now is a great time to convert US Dollar to Singapore Dollar. It is also fluctuating a bit so consider carefully.

Gain on converting 1000 US$
( 1,369.40 S$ on Dec 19, 2018 ) into SGD

Wed Apr 5, 2017

Tue Jan 18, 2017

+33.69 S$
Latest: Fri Feb 13, 2018

Linear trend analysis over
the last 2 years for USD to SGD


Latest divergence from trend relative to maximal range, where the higher the percentage the better time it is to exchange.


Variance aka Coefficient of determination, where the closer the value is to 1.0, the steadier and more reliable the trend is.